Anyone else in this thread?

please cut away


In the spirit of who gets there first

I’m going to allow myself the reward:

a basic proposal



academic discourse

(how it keeps touching itself but somehow can get the skin to send any signals)


within this space,

and that whatever we can say

of us attempting to share this project


Hello Anonymous Jackal

Hello this is paige i dont think its me

^ ? is it okay if i cut it up a bit?


Hi paige also

I can’t tell if the “anonymous jackal” is chris or if you’re logged on twice

delete even if you’d like


influencing existent art

and terms certainly

dwell purely


i’m my words

as an example

SUGGESTED) by memes


Maybe fun

a race

above me


running faster

than otherwise

it’s getting pulled


And yet doesn’t seem to fully understand how to play -


this affords a certain kind of pleasure

which will really

never be matched

by having to share our

conventional academic and artistic work

putting your phone

right in front of their face

waiting for them

to drop whatever else they’re doing

pretending to laugh


if they’ve seen the meme before



sure you can take

sending somebody your website or event

personal invitation

and come from a sincere and meaningful connection but in the end the difference experiences of sending the virtual signifier of the event all lead to the same invitation (to some it might feel like an obligation, even if they know it is not) to go see the thing-in-itself (apologies for the use of this meme, credit to Immanuel Kant), if there is any direct pleasure in the receiving of the invitation it is likely to come from a meme or pseudo meme attached to the invitation rather than the future promise of something that is not-meme



algorithms and timelines not necessarily unpleasant,

earlier forms forced into them

seem to become unpleasant


Is there a way out?


I can’t worry about consistency if I’m going to escape

the encroaching work-as-allegory-for-meme)

about no ahhhhh oh yes I believe I have it again


Memes too are worth the nastiest potentials already contained in these forms

quickly serve as a kind of authoritypower in writing grants

getting gallery showings of “the system”


yet making these stock theories and forms embarrassing

is merely the complete banishment of tonality coming from an unknown source

coming through all of our little interactions



just like academia turned

appealing but intended meaning

will my thoughts here be completely lost

when turned?  

How to trust

enough remixing will get

A good meaning through

luckily sharing memes day in and out

has me trusting that i work better as a conduit

or part of a chain

than by trying to delude myself

into being a sole author)





i like this

Eric seems to be gone

I like this too (the work not eric being gone TO BE CLEAR)

Don’t cut up my words to say i like eric being gone plz

i won’t, promise

don’t want to get kicked off the google doc

okay i’m going to go now

this was good

i will see you around town

Yeah see you arounf nice creating



What does all meme?


What does any all meme?